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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

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Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is a UK wide charity set up to help, inform and guide anyone affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Further details of our services are noted below:

Freephone Helpline: Talk to one of our helpline team on our dedicated Neuroendocrine Cancer helpline – 0800 434 6476

Information: We make sure our information is accurate and up-to-date by using the latest evidence from research and clinical guidelines. However, our information does not replace the advice of your healthcare team. All of our information is regularly updated. We try to make our information as clear as possible by writing in plain language and explaining medical words – Select here to learn more.

Support Groups: Our ‘Natter’ Support Groups are local and regional based meetings that offer an opportunity to meet others who are also affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer. Select here to learn more.

– Education Events: We run a programme of events which aim to support and educate patients and their supporters about all aspects of Neuroendocrine Cancer. Select here to learn more.

– Connect with others: Our online community groups provide a safe place for people affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer to talk to others in similar situations and share experiences. Select here to learn more.

– Read stories and Experiences: Browse various blogs and journals. View photos and read stories, watch videos and listen to podcasts all shared by Neuroendocrine Cancer patients, supporters, friends, healthcare professionals and loved ones. Select here to learn more.

– My NETs Mobile Phone App: A mobile phone App that can be utilised by anyone affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer. It can be used for day to day information gathering such as symptom tracking, managing and storing health details. Select here to learn more.

– Practical Issues: Having cancer can have an affect on all aspects of your life, from your ability to work, to getting insurance to travel. We’ll talk through some of the support that is available to help you with some of these practical challenges. Select here to learn more.