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How is secondary Neuroendocrine Cancer treated?

Jul 8, 2021

As with more common cancers, the earlier in the development of a primary cancer it is diagnosed, the higher the possibility of cure is.
For Secondary Neuroendocrine Cancer there is no cure – HOWEVER, this does not necessarily make this a terminal diagnosis.
No cure (incurable) is NOT the same as ‘terminal’, and many people living with Neuroendocrine Cancer are doing just that – living . . . and many are living long and healthy lives, with the support of their families, support network and specialist Neuroendocrine Cancer team.
Treatment will depend on the type (grading, functionality, etc), position and size of your Primary Neuroendocrine Cancer. And the extent of your Secondary Cancer – where and how widely it has spread and overall how much cancer is present is important to know.
It may depend on whether you had Secondary Cancer at the time of diagnosis – or whether it has developed since – and whether you have already had treatment. If so, what effect did the treatment have – on both you and the cancer.
It will also depend on whether you have any other health concerns and / or illnesses and your general health and fitness.
One or more of the approaches below may be suggested:
– Removal of all or part of the cancer
– Control of disease, by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer
– Monitoring or Surveillance
– Palliation, or easing of, symptoms.
You can find further information on Treatments here ➡️