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Lets Talk About Liver NETs Live Facebook Q&A

Jan 17, 2019

January is Love Your Liver Month.

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body, weighing some 1.8 kg in men and 1.3 kg in women. It holds approximately 13% (about one pint or 0.57 litres) of your total blood supply at any given time and has over 500 functions.

Primary liver NET is extremely rare, so care should be taken to exclude a primary elsewhere.Pancreas, right hemi-colon and small intestine are the most frequent primary sites associated with metastases at initial diagnosis.

80–90% with small intestinal and 60–70% of patients with pancreatic NEN show liver metastases.

Secondary Liver NET is dependent on the primary tumor site, tumor extent (T-stage), histologic differentiation, and grading (G1- G3). Carcinoid syndrome is a regular feature of liver metastases.

NPF Nurses, Nikie and Lindsey, held a live Facebook Q&A session all about Liver NETs on Wednesday 16th January.

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