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Living Well with Neuroendocrine Cancer 2024 Group Therapy programme

Jan 10, 2024



In 2023, we collaborated with our counseling and psychotherapy partners at RareMinds to host a successful Online (Zoom) 8-week ‘Living Well with…’ programme, tailored for those diagnosed two or more years ago. (Note: For those diagnosed less than 2 years ago, we will be re-running the ‘Newly Diagnosed’ program in the autumn).

Building on the positive feedback from that program, where 100% of participants would recommend it to others, Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is excited to announce and support the launch of our joint ‘Living Well with…’ program for 2024.

Dates: Every Thursday evening from 8th February to 28th March 2024
Time: 7:30 pm – 9 pm

Participants shared their experiences:

‘I got so much out of the experience and left feeling empowered.’

‘I did not know what to expect, but it all felt so natural… we were held together so well. It made us all feel safe while enabling – empowering – us to regain self-confidence and a sense of control again.’

This 8-week interactive course, designed for Neuroendocrine Cancer (NEN) patients in the UK, will be delivered by our partners RareMinds via Zoom in a friendly, supportive group environment, with a maximum of 16 participants.

It will cover in-depth, personalized, and group discussions on helpful practices and techniques, including taught aspects, exercises, and support for exploring themes such as dealing with uncertainty, managing anxiety, living with fatigue, coping with family and relationship dynamics, and making the most of appointments and healthcare teams.

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