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Sep 29, 2022

A diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Cancer is undeniably difficult, however, many people tell us that over time, and with the support they need (personally and medically), they find new ways of living with it and the effect it (and / or its treatments) has and may have on their lives. Finding a ‘new normal’ and how to adapt to changes has been key in learning to live well with Neuroendocrine Cancer – both physically and emotionally.

NCUK’s Counsellor, Kym talks us through the living with the uncertainty of it all. (Recorded in 2020).


Becoming your Own Expert

Neuroendocrine Cancer advocate, Ronny Allan talked to Neuroendocrine Cancer UK about ‘Becoming your own Expert’. 
Any type of cancer can cause your life to change in all kinds of ways, and Neuroendocrine Cancer is no different. So being prepared for those changes, and spending a little time thinking about how you want to respond, is usually a very good idea.
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