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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Looking for Patient volunteers with a small bowel primary and liver metastases

Jan 7, 2021

A randomised control trial is being set up across many sites in the UK, led by Mr Samuel Ford, a consultant surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
This trial is looking at the role of surgery in patients with small bowel neuroendocrine cancers with liver metastases, and the impact of surgery on quality of life.
They want to understand the patient perspective on whether they would find a randomised controlled trial of surgery vs no surgery acceptable.
“A questionnaire designed to specifically target symptoms of NET would potentially be used, but having patient opinion as to whether this would be a good gauge of their condition would be extremely valuable.
We would generally like opinions on how best to shape the Randomised Controlled Trial to ultimately benefit patients with a similar condition in the future. Due to the current COVID climate, we would aim to set up this meeting via Zoom.”
We are reaching out to patients with a small bowel primary and liver metastases, who would be willing to share their opinions. To get involved, please drop an email to