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Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Feb 28, 2022

Today on Rare Disease Day we would like you to join NCUK in shining a light onto Merkel Cell Carcinoma – a very rare, often aggressive, form of neuroendocrine cancer that starts within the skin.

MCC accounts for about a third of the 5% of all skin cancers that are considered to be rare.

It is usually a firm, painless, skin-coloured to red-violet lump that usually develops on a sun exposed part of the skin, however it may also originate on areas of the skin usually covered by clothing – for example the genitals.

In the UK between 1999-2008: 1515 people were diagnosed with MCC – revealing an incidence rise from 0.1 to 0.2 :100,000 (approx 3 people a week)

The incidence continues to increase – with a predicted rise to >1000 per year by 2025 – that is 3 people a day.

Only with early diagnosis and MCC appropriate intervention is cure possible.

For more information on MCC visit us at our MCC page here

NCUK offers information and support to anyone affected by Merkel Cell Carcinoma ( MCC)

We have established an online support group for all affected by MCC – including family and friends and will be holding a National (UK wide) MCC Natter online support group meeting on Tuesday March 22nd starting at 6pm through zoom – contact if you would like to join us.