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National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) launches the UK Top 10 Living With and Beyond Cancer Research Priorities

Dec 6, 2018

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has recently released the UK Top 10 living with and beyond cancer research priorities.
NCRI partnered with the James Lind Alliance on a Priority Setting Partnership to deliver on these priorities. Cancer52 sat on the Steering Group for this partnership, initially represented by Lindsey Bennister, then of Sarcoma UK, and latterly by Jane Lyons of Cancer52.
Work behind indentifying these priorities involved two UK-wide surveys which attracted more than 3500 responses. From these, they identified 26 key questions and distilled these down to 10 top research priorities.
This is the first time that clear research priorities have been identified in this area.
The new priorities have been developed by cancer patients, carers, health and social care professionals. Key questions include: how can treatment side-effects, such as fatigue, be prevented or managed; what is the impact on mental health; can lifestyle changes restore patients’ health; and can we predict who will experience side effects?
The NCRI is now working with funders, researchers and the  NHS to translate these priorities into research and patient benefit. They will be working to stimulate funded research programmes that can make much-needed progress in improving health and quality of life for those people living with the consequences of cancer.
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