Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

National Cancer Research Institute’s work on Living With and Beyond Cancer

Feb 13, 2019

By 2030 four million people in the UK will be living with the long-term consequences of cancer, but currently there is very little research on the problems they face and how these can be tackled. To help them live better lives, more focused research is needed.

To determine priorities for research that will help people live better with and beyond cancer, NCRI partnered with the James Lind Alliance on a Priority Setting Partnership. The two-year project involved two UK-wide surveys which attracted more than 3500 responses from patients, carers, and health and social care professionals. From these, we identified 26 key questions and distilled these down to 10 top research priorities (see below)

This is the first time that clear research priorities have been identified in this area.

The NPF are delighted that this research is now underway, as so relevant for our community, and question 5 is the  the basis for our ‘MIND the Gap’ project targeting specific NET patients needs.

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