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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

What NCUK will be doing this World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day

Nov 3, 2021


Everyday we raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer but Wednesday 10th November is all about us coming together in solidarity – whether you are affected by, or working with Neuroendocrine Cancer, we all want to drive change, especially around earlier diagnosis. Please support us in raising awareness of this issue, particularly on World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day 2021.

Know the symptoms. Push for diagnosis.

What NCUK will be doing for this World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day

1. NCUK’s CEO, Cathy will be co-chairing the ENETS/INCA Webinar and our NCUK Ambassador, Sally will be speaking in Part 4.

2. We will be supporting INCA in their campaign around earlier diagnosis and ask that you join in and help in any way that you can. There is a toolkit available on the INCA website, which provides you with everything you need to raise awareness and keep the conversation going.

Know the symptoms. Push for diagnosis.

3. We will be encouraging everybody to order our Symptom Awareness cards and distribute as many as you can to your local GP practice or Healthcare Providers.

What is the Awareness Card?

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK has produced informative awareness cards, which we would like to pass on to as many GPs in the country as possible. We hope that these cards will have some impact on raising awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer as a possible diagnosis.


4. We will be re-releasing (as part of our Bridging the Gap Campaign), on World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day, our ‘Faces and Facts‘ video for you to share and help us raise awareness.

5. On the lead up to the day we will be releasing a daily video, as part of our NCUK Virtual Summit. Here we will showcase talks from patients who are living with Neuroendocrine Cancer. We will discuss topics that some may find difficult or emotive and also include practical advice from specialists in finance and social benefits.