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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

NET Cancer Day 2018 Awareness Campaign

Jul 31, 2018

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**UPDATE** This campaign is now closed for future volunteers


As part of our ongoing awareness programme we are looking for volunteers to help us out for NET Cancer Day 2018. This year we are reaching out to the ‘neuroendocrine doctors of tomorrow’ by inviting 38 medical schools across the UK to get involved!

What are we trying to achieve?

By sharing your story we want to raise awareness of NETs to medics and aspiring new medical students. We would also like to create an interest in those medics that may wish to take a career path in the speciality of NETs.

How can you help?

We simply ask that you man a table at one of the medical schools (listed below) for a few hours and distribute printed information (all information will be provided by us, as well as support and guidance in talking about NETs), whilst also talking to medics and nurses about your NETs and how having NETs affected you. **You will need to apply to the medical school for permission to do this (we can supply a permissions letter).

Click here for a list of medical schools we have identified.


As the 10th November this year takes place on a Saturday, we would be happy for this event to take place on any day in November convenient to you.

One of our patients (Brian) did this last year and fed back to us:

“This is a great opportunity to get our message across to the people who need more understanding about this form of cancer. The level of interest I received was amazing, as was the level of ignorance about the condition. Please volunteer to help us to help ourselves. Thank you and stay strong”

How to sign up?


We have now closed this campaign.