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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

NET Patient Foundation attends Cancer52 All Member Meeting

Jan 28, 2019

NPF’s Chief Executive, Catherine Bouvier, attended the Cancer52 All Member Meeting on 23rd January. 

An interesting meeting with presentations from the Association of the the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the National Cancer Programme Director NHS England.

The UK is actually in the bottom quarter of the new medicines cancer market and there is a new push within the life sciences industry to change this. NICE, the NHS, Industry and the ABPI are committed to investing in horizon scanning, and NICE has work to do revising its method of reviewing molecular targeted agents  – don’t we know that well in the NET community!

All new medicines will now go through the NICE process, but a technology appraisal will now cost industry £120K.

We also discussed the NHS long term plan, and for our community the development of the 10 new Rapid Diagnostic Centres seems to be a huge breakthrough. My question is, are they really set up for patients with non – specific symptoms that do not fit a common cancer pathway or the other vague symptoms in more common cancers. We need to pull together to make sure this will be a relevant service for undiagnosed NET patients. 

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