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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community


Apr 4, 2019

Trying to find optimal investigations to get the most relevant information about what is happening to your tumour(s) is really important, so that the right diagnostic, treatment and follow up plans can be made. Below is some interesting information on a test that is being trialled at the moment. 
‘NETest – Research ongoing for potentially new and more specific  non-invasive test that uses a blood sample to inform your doctor what the activity of your neuroendocrine tumour is at the time your blood was drawn.
There are no clinical trials in the UK at the moment however there are 3 ENETS Centres of Excellence (Royal Free Hospital, King’s Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital)  in London that are using some samples of the NETest free-of-charge, as part of their routine follow-up of NET patients’
****Please note the information above is commercial information and not written by the NET Patient Foundation***