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Neuroendocrine Cancer – The ‘Good’ Cancer

Aug 30, 2023

“Neuroendocrine Cancer… Oh, that’s a good cancer to have!”

Let’s talk about something that might initially sound a bit puzzling – being told you have a “good cancer.” We know it might seem like a contradiction in terms, but for many diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, this phrase is all too familiar.

Neuroendocrine cancer can be slower growing compared to some other cancers. But here’s the thing – labelling it as “good cancer” can oversimplify the challenges individuals face. Every cancer pathway is unique, and it’s not just about statistics. It’s about the emotional rollercoaster, the physical hurdles, and its impact on everyday life.

Imagine being told you have a “good cancer.” While it might come from a place of reassurance, it can also downplay the very real struggles you’re facing. It might feel like your experiences are invalidated, like your fears and uncertainties are overlooked.

Remember, your feelings are valid, and your journey deserves understanding and compassion. Let’s support each other through the ups and downs without trying to label them as “good” or “bad.”

Together, we can bridge the gap between medical terminology and the lived realities of those facing neuroendocrine cancer.