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New Podcast Episode: Decoding Neuroendocrine Cancer: What is Epidemiology?

Oct 15, 2023

We’re excited to present the latest episode of our ‘Not Just One Cancer Takeover Series,’ where we delve into insightful conversations with experts in the neuroendocrine cancer research field. In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Ben White, a specialist registrar in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, with a significant focus on neuroendocrine cancer epidemiology.
Dr. White takes us behind the scenes of his recent research paper – Incidence and survival of neuroendocrine neoplasia in England 1995–2018: A retrospective, population-based study. This study unveilled a remarkable 371% increase in neuroendocrine cancer cases, while other cancer types saw a 116% increase (England). To explore the full details of this study, you can access Dr. White’s published paper and other publications, here.
Please tune in to our podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of the substantial findings and learn about the exciting ongoing research in the neuroendocrine cancer field. This episode offers insight into epidemiology and its pivotal role in comprehending and combatting this uncommon cancer.
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