Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community


Sep 15, 2021

Having Neuroendocrine Cancer diagnosis can have an effect on all aspects of your life, from your ability to work/study to financial matters to getting insurance to travel.

This Wednesday, September 15th, is Pension Awareness Day.

A question many people ask after a diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Cancer is ‘Will I be able to keep on working?’

The answer depends on your individual situation, of course, but many people are able to keep working following a Neuroendocrine Cancer diagnosis.

More about Work and Neuroendocrine Cancer can be found here.

Rather than returning to work, you may want to take early retirement either for health or personal reasons. 

For others, retiring earlier than planned may be a consideration at a later point in time following diagnosis.

If you do want, or need, to consider early retirement, it is essential to take advice from your pension administrator. 

We would also strongly recommend talking to an independent financial advisor about your situation and preferences.

Depending on your pension scheme, you may be able to take early payment due to ill health.

If you have a pension scheme connected to your work, you may receive a higher amount of pension if you retire for health reasons, but if you’re still physically able to continue your work the amount you receive could be lowered.

Planning and managing your finances can become more important when you have cancer. 

Your State Pension is a key part to your overall retirement planning – find out more about how much and when you may get your pension – here.

You can also check the latest information about early and/or ‘medical’ retirement here.

Resources and webinars, that you may find helpful, are available here and here.