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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

People’s Poem Project

Aug 22, 2023

People’s Poem on Health : Entries can be submitted online, the closing date is Friday 25th August.

During our lives, we all have our own, unique, experiences of wellness and illness, and our health highs
and lows. Our need and desire for good health is the one thing we all have in common, even though our
experiences may widely differ.

Being able to articulate, to say, how we feel about our health and the health of those we care about can be
liberating and empowering.

Sanofi have launched the People’s Poem with Jaspreet Kaur, Award-Winning Poet, Writer & Teacher, and
are inviting the public to enter creative writing about health, asking ‘What if?’:

“The theme for The People’s Poem project is ‘What if?’, and you can interpret this theme however you wish as long as it
has a connection to the wider theme of health. . .We are expecting lots of different interpretations of the theme and
hope that people will bring their own creativity to the project.”

The People’s Poem project is open to everybody, of all ages, within the UK and Ireland.

You may be dealing with a health challenge at the moment, or reflecting on a time when you weren’t well. Or you may
choose to write about the health journey of a loved one and how it has affected them or those around them.

You may be a healthcare professional, a carer, a scientist or someone who is otherwise involved in health and want to
take a broader look at the health of the nation or think about the big questions of scientific health discovery.

Entries can be submitted online, the closing date is Friday 25th August.

For further information about the project and FAQs, including rules regarding format and submission,
please visit Sanofi’s People’s Poem on Health page here


. . .and If you would like to share your story – a poem, piece of creative writing or art . . . with your Neuroendocrine Cancer UK community join our Faces and Voices of NCUK – anytime – contact us or submit your story here