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PLANETs Travel Insurance Survey

Aug 30, 2023

Problems obtaining travel insurance for people living with cancer: 
4-minute Survey for Cancer patients. Please complete by Friday 22nd September 2023
PLANETS Cancer Charity (alongside Cancer52) would like to invite you to take this survey about your experience as a past or present cancer survivor/patient in obtaining travel health care insurance.
We have heard of many cases, where people have had difficulty getting insurance for foreign travel after a cancer diagnosis. We would like to understand the scale of the problem so that we can work with the Association of British Insurers and the Financial Conduct Authority to try and make it easier to find affordable insurance.
This survey takes on average four minutes to complete.
Please share your experience with us to help us make a change.
All responses are anonymous.
The link to the survey is here
Read full PLANETs article here