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Questions for my Neuroendocrine Cancer appointment

Mar 15, 2021

There are a few things you can prepare in advance that will help you to get the most out of time with your doctor or health professional at your hospital; such as a list of useful questions for your Neuroendocrine Cancer appointment.  
Make some notes of things you want to discuss. Take those notes with you on the day and then tick each point off during your Neuroendocrine Cancer appointment.
Remember – it’s your appointment! Do not be afraid to ask questions about things you find unclear. Let the health professional explain it to you until you are sure you understand it. If you like, take someone with you as support.
Here we have listed some example questions for your Neuroendocrine Cancer appointment that you may find useful, including what to ask at diagnosis, after treatment or monitoring. Next steps and treatments ➡️
You may find it useful to speak with other patients and ask what they found useful –
A diagnosis of cancer is one of the greatest challenges anyone can face. Being diagnosed with a rare or uncommon cancer can have additional consequences, not least in terms of awareness, early diagnosis and access to expertise. Feelings of  isolation, fear, uncertainty and anxiety are not uncommon.Neuroendocrine Cancer UK exists to address the unmet needs voiced by the Neuroendocrine Cancer community, to support patients and their loved ones with the physical and psychological burden of Neuroendocrine cancers.

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