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Relationships, sex and Neuroendocrine Cancer

Feb 14, 2023

Today on the day of love; we will answer your questions about relationships, intimacy and Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Cancer can affect your relationship and sex life in several ways. Practical issues, confidence, emotions, and changes in your body can all have an impact. Thank you to Couples and Relationship Therapist, Julia Segal for sharing her advice for those affected.


Illness changes relationships, but there is support out there to help with this:

  • Relate – The largest provider of relationship support in England and Wales. Relate helps millions of people every year to strengthen the relationships that mean the most to them 🌐
  • Rareminds – Couples Counselling. Living with a rare disease impacts not just the individual, but the partners too and the couple’s relationship as a whole 🌐



“Since 2019 and my pancreatic & liver neuroendocrine cancer diagnosis, my sex life has been nearly nonexistent. I want sex, but my hubby seems to have gone off it”.

Roles within relationships often change during a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Recognising the changes and discussing them openly with your partner is important. Did your relationship with your partner change since diagnosis or treatment? Do you have any advice for those who are currently going through difficulties? Comment here.



For further advice and support, watch Julia’s full video here:


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