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Somatostatin Analogues Review

May 14, 2018

** UPDATE – Please note that the closing date for the below was end of May 2018 and we are currently awaiting the outcome. Thank you **

Somatostatin Analogues (the monthly injections for treating most NETs and/or their symptoms) are going under review in Wales. 

Would you like an opportunity to ensure your views are heard?

You can make a difference. You can have a voice in processes which could impact on patients and carers living in Wales. The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) want to know your views, whether you are an individual, a small group or a large organisation.

AWMSG produces advice on new medicines and medicines management, and welcomes your input if:      

  •  You have experience of the condition in question, or,
  • You have experience of the treatment in question, or,
  • You care for someone with the condition in question, or,
  • You are a representative for a patient organisation concerned with the condition in question

Your experience of the disease/condition/treatment in question will help AWMSG understand how these health problems affect patients and/or carers.  Patients/carers/patient organisations are often able to provide additional insight, which is invaluable in the work that AWMSG do and the advice that they give to NHS Wales.

AWTTC invite you to complete a questionnaire to outline your experience of the disease/condition in question and your experience of the associated treatments. Tell them why the needs of the patient/carer are currently met or not met.

They would like to understand the patient/carer experience and any information you are able to provide, either positive or negative, would be very helpful. 

Click on this link to submit your view. ** Please see update above – link no longer works**

(Scroll down the page to 1988 Lanreotide and/or 3732 Octreotide. Click on “download questionnaire” or “online comment form” in the end column and you can then complete and submit your views)