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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

The Patient Self-Referral Questionnaire

Mar 6, 2019


Failing to enrol patients into clinical trials can dramatically delay the development of new treatments. Currently 80% of all clinical trials (not just NET), fail to hit their full enrolment target.

The NET Patient Foundation is working with the iCancer group on a project to make patient enrolment easier and more effective. The Patient Self-Referral Questionnaire represents a radical departure from current recruitment approaches: instead of relying on consultants and their healthcare teams to inform patients about suitable trials, it will put patients at the forefront of the enrolment process. 

If you have five minutes to spare and have any views (extreme, mild or indifferent) about clinical trials, the way they are currently publicised and the ease with which patients can take part in new research, could you complete following brief survey? Your answers will help us to produce a service that NET patients really need, in a form that is engaging, readily accessible and supportive. We intend to launch a pilot version of The Patient Self-Referral Questionnaire in the summer of this year, 2019.

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