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Travelling abroad

Oct 4, 2021

Did you know that if you are travelling abroad – and your existing EHIC card has expired (or is about to) – you can apply for one of the new FREE of charge Global Health Insurance Cards? There are 2 types of cover available.
You can apply for either:

  • a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC)
  • a UK European Health Insurance Card (UK EHIC), if you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement

You can use your card to access medically necessary state-provided healthcare when you’re visiting an EU country.

Medically necessary healthcare means healthcare that cannot reasonably wait until you come back to the UK. Whether treatment is necessary is decided by the healthcare provider in the country you’re visiting.

For full details and to check if you are eligible, click here:

PLEASE NOTE: This card does NOT replace travel insurance, which you must arrange in the usual manner.