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Two New National Neuroendocrine Cancer Natter Support Groups

Mar 23, 2022

NCUK National High-Grade (Grade 3) Neuroendocrine Cancer Natter

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK HGNC Peer Support is the NCUK’s online support group for those, living in the UK and/or under the care of the NHS, affected by High Grade Neuroendocrine Cancer – that is Grade 3 Neuroendocrine Tumour (G3NET) and Grade 3 Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (G3 NEC).

Not all cancers are the same or behave in the same way. Some may grow very slowly, may not have invaded nearby structures, or spread to other parts of the body at the time of diagnosis – but they have the potential to. However some may have already spread at the time of diagnosis.

The stage is where the cancer is – and whether it has spread. There are usually 4 stages.

The grade is the rate at which the NEN grows. You might see this referred to as ‘Ki67’ or ‘Mitotic Index’ mentioned in your clinic letters or medical reports.

Grade 1 is usually slow-growing through to Grade 3, a more aggressive, rapidly growing disease.

This group is for those with High Grade (G3) Neuroendocrine Cancer and their first Natter will be Tuesday 12th April 2022 starting at 6pm

To self-register for this Natter – click here 

Group members can keep in touch through our NCUK High-grade Neuroendocrine Cancer Facebook forum here

Further information on the differences in Neuroendocrine Cancer – including Grading v Staging can be found here


NCUK “NET Whippersnappers” Natter

“NET Whippersnappers” started in 2016 as a ‘closed’ Facebook group for those – under the age of 50 – diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer

As founder member Alex says :

“This group gives us a chance to meet people in the same position, and age group, to discuss anything, but also to find positives and have a laugh. It allows us to discuss some of those thoughts that it might be uncomfortable to share with our friends/family . . . I know from experience that this can feel very isolating. . . We may be at a very different life stage to others with Neuroendocrine Cancer and may often have different concerns, thoughts, approaches.. . this group provides a chance to share thoughts, research, get support, or just to chat with other ‘young’ NETs (neuroendocrine cancer) patients”

The first National ‘NET Whippersnappers’ Natter will be held on Wednesday 6th April 2022, starting at 6pm

To self-register for this Natter click here

For more information about the “NET Whippersnappers” Facebook group – contact Nikie