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Welcome Neuroendocrine Cancer Ambassador

May 18, 2021

Please join us in welcoming our newest Ambassador, Martin to the team 🦋
Martin is 57 and a long-term Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer patient. Here’s why Martin became a NCUK Ambassador:
Joining the Neuroendocrine Patient Ambassador Team means that I will have a more concrete platform to share my historic and future experiences (watch out for future Blogs / Vlogs) whilst utilising the consultancy skills built up over 30 years, to assist with the various reviews and projects planned for the team.
 Personally, as I am no longer working, I’ve been missing a sense of purpose and becoming a Patient Ambassador brings with it an opportunity to make a difference and to add some value.
You can find out more about the wonderful work that our Neuroendocrine Cancer Ambassadors do here ➡️