Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

World NET Cancer Day Video – Get Involved

Oct 15, 2020

To help support, NCUK in collaboration with Ipsen Ltd. we plan to develop a short montage video featuring as many people living with or impacted by neuroendocrine tumours as possible, to help raise awareness and amplify knowledge about these diseases in the UK.

This video will be distributed via NCUK social channels including, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, additionally, on the NCUK website. The video will also be used internally at Ipsen to educate employees, raise awareness, and potentially shared with media.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so just imagine how many a video is worth!

We know this may seem a little scary but we are not worried about filters and perfection. We want to see our wonderful patients – our community joining together to create something amazing that will help to raise awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer.


We would like you to participate in the recording of three short videos:

VIDEO 1: Film a short introduction of yourself (This video should include your name, where you’re from and how long you have been diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer / have worked in the NC field. This should be no longer than 10 seconds.)

VIDEO 2: Please record yourself speaking through the below script.  

VIDEO 3: A short video of you smiling at the screen (This video will be 5 seconds max.)


  • A quite room is a must.
  • Please ensure there are no background interruptions, for example dogs barking/children playing. 
  • If possible, only you should be in the room so that the computer / phone speaker does not pick-up anyone else’s voice.
  • Consider lighting and try to face windows rather than having them behind you (which can create a silhouette).


  • Please choose warming colours and avoid bright white, bright red or all black outfits. Please also avoid tight or complex patterns (such as check & plaid) and choose medium/un-busy patterns or solid colours.


  • We would suggest practising the videos on the device you will be using before recording the final videos to ensure visual and audio quality is suitable.
  • Please feel free to share more than one recording as we can edit / choose the best one.

This is pretty last minute (the best ideas often are) so video submissions need to be returned by Friday 23rd October 2020 via email to

Thank you so, so much!


Video Script 

 When you look at my face, what do you see?

A woman, A man, A son, A daughter, A friend, A neighbour

Someone living with neuroendocrine cancer?

Do you see someone who looks sick?

Someone who has cancer?

Someone who has a tumour in their lungs?

Their bowels?  

Their pancreas?

Their appendix?

Tumours all over their body?

Do you see someone who feels lost




We’ve waited too long for answers.

We can’t wait any more. 


We are the faces of neuroendocrine cancer.

We are advocates

We are family members

We are carers 

We are healthcare providers, working to improve the situation for our patients

And while over time, the faces of those affected may change the facts remain the same.

We can’t change the way this cancer presents

But we can change the way we think about it

It’s time to confront the barriers in diagnosing neuroendocrine cancer

It’s time that when you looked at my face, you see

Someone with a future

Someone worth the time

Someone who wants to live

Someone who deserves better

Someone who is facing up to neuroendocrine cancer.

We must do more to raise awareness, improve time to diagnosis and support those living with neuroendocrine cancer.

We need to change the facts.