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Neuroendocrine Cancer UK & UKINETS Grant and Surgical Speciality Lead Opportunities Now Open!

Jan 9, 2024


Neuroendocrine Cancer UK & UKINETS Pump-priming grant

We are pleased to announce the 2024 round of the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK & UKINETS pump-priming grant in support of neuroendocrine cancer research. This grant aims to provide pump-priming funds to support research projects designed to improve outcomes for patients with neuroendocrine cancer.



Surgical Speciality Lead

We are delighted to partner with the Royal College of Surgeons for the first neuroendocrine cancer SSL. The Surgical Speciality Lead will act as a key link between the designated Surgical Trials Centres and national clinical research networks within their discipline. The Surgical Speciality Lead will be supported for three years to develop multicentre clinical trials within their area of expertise. In the first year, each Surgical Speciality Lead would be expected to work up two proposals with the trials centre and their clinical collaborative group, one of which would be taken forward to pilot phase and funding.