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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

A-maze-in’ Website – Top 10 most requested search items

Patients are constantly seeking information – and rightly so.  

Navigating life with neuroendocrine cancer involves seeking support, resources, and information that can improve quality of life and aid in the management of the condition – whether newly diagnosed, or living with a neuroendocrine cancer diagnosis for several years.  

We are very proud of our website. It takes hours of work, fact checking and input, from our team here at Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, from our Medical Advisory Board, our Ambassadors and our patient community. 

Our website provides a wealth of information and resources for our community – and is constantly updated. However, we understand that navigating content can sometimes be time-consuming, especially when searching for specific items or topics. 

We recognise the importance of streamlining the user experience and making information easily accessible to everyone.  

We also want to make life a little easier if we can, and speed can be of the essence when you’re at your appointment and want to know what to ask and we work hard to ‘tag’ our content. 

But what would you think are our most viewed website pages? 

Well, this week the top 10 most searched-for items by the neuroendocrine cancer community are:


We hope this helps and can be used as a quick reference tool. If there’s anything you’d like us to add to this list then please let us know –