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Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Welcome to the website of Ronny Allan who was diagnosed with incurable Metastatic Neuroendocrine Cancer in July 2010 after presenting with weight loss, symptoms of iron deficiency and facial flushing (Carcinoid Syndrome). On this site, Ronny discusses various aspects of his cancer, his treatment, and his daily life in terms of changes he had to make. More detail of the background to Ronny’s diagnosis and treatment can be read by clicking here.  In addition, Ronny offers hundreds of articles on many different subjects, all meticulously researched from the most eminent sources. He also occasionally writes about other cancers in the news and related general cancer issues. Factual, educational, positive and the occasional pinch of humour, he also uses this site to spread awareness of this unusual, less common and complex disease including any related issues. He is passionate about moving Neuroendocrine Cancer into mainstream knowledge circles to ensure maximum awareness.

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