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Name: Barbara

Age: 58

Neuroendocrine Cancer Site: Lung

Barbara’s story:

November 2019 I was offered a lung screening as part of a so called SUMMIT study at UCL hospital in London. I used to be a smoker and I thought “why not?”. I was feeling very well and very fit. I was certain that all was ok. The day after the CT scan I received a phone call informing me that they had found something in my left lung and that they had referred me to my local hospital, the Royal Free in North London.

I remember thinking that most probably it was nothing to worry about. I was wrong. After several tests and biopsies, I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. I was referred to a lung surgeon who told me that because of its position, surgery was possible but very difficult. I decided against it.

After a long discussion with my consultant and oncologist, I was prescribed Everolimus, one tablet a day. I have been taking the drug for more than a year now. I seem to tolerate it well. Because I have never had any symptoms, family and friends find it difficult to understand that I have cancer. My life has not changed that much: I still keep fit and busy. I have actually bought myself a road bike and I have started cycling everywhere. Even I sometimes can’t believe I have cancer.

Both my parents died of it and my sister has just recovered from breast cancer. I looked after them during their treatments and having seen what they went through, I consider myself lucky. I have two beautiful grandchildren and a third on on the way. I have a wonderful husband who supports me. So far all is going well and I am determined to make the most of my life.

I am training very hard at present. I have registered for the London to Brighton cycle ride taking place on 19 September this year and I am raising money for the NCUK. If you want to donate, here is the link.

Do you have any useful hints and tips that you would like to share?

What helps me is talking to my family and friends.