Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

Name: Donna

Age: 56

Neuroendocrine Cancer site(s): Primary = bowel and Secondary = liver

Donna’s Story:

I’m a mum of 2 grown up children who I’m incredibly proud of. I work in the catering industry and have 4 dogs so am always on the go.

Through a routine mammogram in December 2016 I was called back as something showed up on the results. When a biopsy was taken I was told that they expected it was something but it was tiny and they were confident it was treatable because of the size. The test results took longer than expected as this was no ordinary breast tumour.

I had been diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer and I was “lucky” that a bit had gone into my breast and was detected by the mammogram as I had and still have no symptoms.

When I first saw the consultant I was told I was probably looking at a 5 year diagnosis as I would have had the nets for years. Not the case, they still have only detected the primary in my bowel a tiny one on my liver and the one in my breast was undetectable during my last scan.

I have somatuline autogel 120mg injection every 28 days with no side effects so far!

I feel very luck my cancer was detected early and I can carry on living a ‘normal’ life.

Do you have any useful hints and tips that you would like to share?

Stay positive. A positive mental attitude I believe, has helped me a lot. I also have a fantastic rare cancer nurse that is on the end of a phone for any questions she really is my rock! My family are also truly amazing my kids and my poor partner who has to look at my bare behind every 28 days without him life wouldn’t be so peachy!!!