Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

I am Liz Quaglia and I am the lead nurse for the NET team at the Royal free Hospital. We are a large NET unit and work with a growing number of NET patients of all kinds…

I joined the team 10 years ago when my friend and predecessor, Philippa, suggested I might enjoy the field of NETS. At the time, I was a Macmillan palliative care nurse specialist and looking for a change. I can honestly say that I knew nothing about NETs then! Phil had always talked passionately about NETs and I was intrigued. Over a glass of wine, she had managed to talk me into running a marathon for the team charity so I already felt like I had one foot in the door!

I love working with the NET community. The people I meet have such incredible resilience and show such tenacity when faced with complex treatments and symptoms. The support that they receive from each other and NCUK is invaluable both on the hard and brighter days.

I also love working in our team at the Free. We work as a true multidisciplinary team and it feels like there is genuine support amongst us. This speciality captures your interest as there is so much to learn and the variety in NETS means every day is different.