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Name: Ranjpreet
Supporter: Father has oesophageal Neuroendocrine Cancer.
Ranjpreet’s Story:
💬 My father has been diagnosed with NET of the oesophagus which is rare and I’ve not heard or read much on this. It all started after his valve repair and bypass heart surgery where he was getting pains in his chest. Doctors put it down as post op pain but it got worse and started developing swallowing issues and later on couldn’t keep food down.
💬 We noticed he started to lose a lot of weight and was feeling very weak which lead to B12 injections being administered. After internal scans the docs noticed something didn’t ‘look right’ and put it down as cancer. At that point they were unaware of what type and stage.
💬 After appointments with oncologists they found it was at stage 3 and now maybe stage 4 as there is now growth in his kidneys. As his food pipe had started to narrow severely and couldn’t take any liquids, they have started chemotherapy urgently and is now on day 2. Everything has happened so quickly and it’s tough trying to keep up and process it all! But glad they are starting treatment and monitoring the situation.
Do you have any useful hints and tips that you would like to share?
💬 FaceTime and call when you can, join a support group at your workplace if they have one, keep loved ones updated and most importantly take time to switch off and have time to yourself ❤️
Thank you for sharing Rajpreet.
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