Supporting the

Neuroendocrine Cancer Community

It took 13 years to get a diagnosis. My life saver was being diagnosed as being coeliac. That did not go right, so a camera was put into my stomach. Showed a tumour in the ilium. Full body scan it had spread to my liver lymph nodes and bones. 2013 had 52% of my liver removed. Then referred to the Royal Free in London. Four rounds of PRRT which worked. However July 2020, the tumours on the liver grew. Now on Chemo via pills at home. Four Rounds taking me up to November this year. I cannot praise Neuroendocrine Cancer UK enough for all their help and assistance.

I did 32 years as a Police Officer, in various roles, Traffic, patrolling Bath and Bristol. Then moved into the custody areas in Police Stations. Where strict observance of the Police and Criminal evidence act, was needed. Then I went into the Courts system.

Finally I ended working in Bath Police Station in the front office.

I left in the year 2000 as my contract of employment was for 30 years.

I then did 8 years with the Ministry Of Defence Security.

Finally working for Security at the University of Bath.

Prior to diagnosis I loved doing gardening jobs for family and friends.

My main interest is Second World War RAF.