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From GP to Fundraiser: Dougie’s Inspiring Story

Aug 2, 2023

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK is delighted to spotlight the remarkable story of Dougie Burgess, a retired GP from South Lincolnshire.

Amongst the challenges of the Covid lockdown, Dougie was confronted by a sub-acute small bowel obstruction, necessitating a life-altering ileal resection in March 2020. Through unwavering courage and resilience, Dougie has emerged as an inspiration to all those facing this cancer.

Throughout his quest for answers, Dougie found invaluable resources and support through our website. Leveraging knowledge and camaraderie, he navigated numerous trips for scans and tests, resolutely surmounting obstacles along the way. In December 2020, Dougie encountered a new challenge when an MRI revealed liver metastases. Fuelled by hope, he initiated monthly Lanreotide injections, leading to remarkable stability until Summer 2022.

Inspired by his journey, Dougie and his wife, Trish, have embarked on a courageous mission – the Neuroendocrine UK Virtual Pathway Challenge! Join them as they endeavour to travel “500 miles and 500 more” before 10 November, raising essential funds and awareness for our cause.

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