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Just diagnosed – Getting the right care

Feb 7, 2022

If you’re diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine Cancer, a specialist, Neuroendocrine Cancer specific Multi-Disciplinary Team (a ”NET” MDT) should review your case at diagnosis and on an ongoing basis.

Referrals to specialist Neuroendocrine Cancer services work slightly differently across the UK – there is no currently agreed pathway. They can also vary slightly depending on who refers you – for example your GP, A&E staff or a specialist in another area of medicine. Find out more here –

Wherever you are and whoever is caring for you, it is vital to get information and advice from a specialist Neuroendocrine Cancer specific MDT as soon as possible.
You may not need to travel for this – an advantage if there is some distance between where you live and the specialist team is based – but your local team and the specialist MDT must be willing to communicate and work collaboratively with each other to provide you with the right care.

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) is made up of disease specific experts including surgeons, radiologists, histopathologists, oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, allied health professionals, and multidisciplinary team coordinators and has a designated lead clinician. Find out more here –

At Neuroendocrine Cancer UK we work with all of the UK’s specialist Neuroendocrine Cancer services either directly or through UKI NETS. The UK and Ireland Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (UKINETS) is a professional organisation made up of the UK and Ireland’s experts and other experts and allied healthcare professionals who work in the field of Neuroendocrine Cancer. The society maintains an up-to-date list of experts, clinics and accredited Centres of Excellence.

For a current list of experts, clinics and Centres of Excellence CLICK HERE –